Retreats and Workshops


Summer 2016: Mandala Painting Workshop


DATE: Sunday, September 18, 1:00-4:00pm

LOCATION: The Driftwood Inn

81 Washington Avenue, Bailey Island, ME 04003

(Workshop will be in the Dining Room)

Cost: $45.00 dollars (includes art materials)

This Mandala Painting Workshop is a 3–hour program designed for anyone: painting or art experience is not required. The class is experiential, designed to provide the participant with the atmosphere, tools, and guidance needed to create their own unique expression of the present moment. It is an intriguing and inspiring process that often has a deeply “centering” effect!

The student will be introduced to drawing simple Yantra patterns, which are geometric mandala designs that are traditionally used as visual meditation tools. The participant will design their own Yantra pattern with pencil on watercolor paper, and then paint directly onto their pattern using watercolors or other mixed media. The Yantra design provides a “container” for the painter to respond to, but the actual painting process that follows is not pre-planned. Students discover a simple, joyful and spontaneous connection with the shapes, colors and imagery, as well as the pure fun of using a paintbrush.

Both the experienced artist and the novice painter can benefit from learning this method to re-connect to a powerful inner source that feels both inspiring and centering at the same time.

TO REGISTER or for more info, e-mail Nancy Grice at:

Recent Workshops:

August Mandala — Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 4’X5’sf

 June 5, 2016, 2:00pm

at the Jung Center, Brunswick, ME

“Scene and Unseen:

An Individuation Journey Through Landscapes, Mandalas and Maine.”

Nancy will tell her story of a series of synchronous events that impacted her own life as a person and an artist, eventually inspiring her move to Harpswell, Maine. During a time of confusion and transition she began visiting Bailey Island as a solo painting retreat, and simultaneously began working with large mandalas in her studio in Massachusetts. Despite having no idea that there was a connection between Bailey Island and Jungians—only a vague idea that Jung had written about mandalas — she sought out a Jungian analyst, who helped her to connect the dots. She discovered that her mandala paintings and Bailey Island could be a portal into a new inner and outer landscape.

Sharing her paintings created during this period, Nancy will encourage questions about her journey and a discussion about how — and if — we can allow creativity and synchronicity to trigger changes in our life’s direction.

For more information: contact  C.G. Jung Center of Brunswick, ME:

Create / Inner / Flow

April 30, 2016 9:00-4:30pm

A One-Day Retreat for Women

CREATE: Paint your own personal Mandala

INNER: Connect with yourself exploring mindfulness

FLOW: Move with music and yoga thorough Qoya Dance

Te Rau Aroha Marae, Bluff, NZ

Facilitators: Nancy Grice- Painting; Julie Anderson – Mindfulness Meditation;

Heather Hubbard – Qoya dance and yoga



to all the people who attended our September 2014 retreat on Bailey Island, Maine

“Jungians at Inner Ledge – Renewing Connections in a Magical Place”

You helped to create a wonderful “first” 21st-Century Inner Ledge Retreat experience!

We are already thinking about possibilities for next year! Check back here for updates.

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